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My friends in the adoption community may or may not know that my other great "cause" is world peace. I actually maintain another blog for that. I was at a meeting tonight of a local peace activism group. The speaker spoke about the history of movements from the 60’s to the present, leading into an open discussion or brain storming session on where to go from here, how to coalesce the (peace) movement and focus it...with several comments about what a shame it is how divided against itself and fill of schisms "the movement" is.

One person spoke about the attempts (once again) to establish a national Department of Peace off the ground. There was division on this issue. Some supported it, and others thought it “silly” and basically a waste of effort. The reasons were very analogous to our struggles, as it boiled down to a question of: do you work to make changes from within a (corrupt) system, or not. Kinda like the question of whether to reform adoption or do away with it.

While of course no conclusions were reached, what amazed me was how polite everyone was, The worst word said was “silly.” There was no name calling, No one got offended, not even the person who put forth the DOP idea and asked for support on it. No one screamed or stomped out in a huff, nor did I see any side comments being made or snickering.

It was truly amazing to see people discuss an issue in an adult, intelligent fashion and air different points of view, and truly listen to one another.

Maybe there’s more hope for world peace than there is to reconstruct adoption!

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