Friday, February 09, 2007


Dannielynn: Everybody's and Nobody's

While nothing to do with adoption,I was moved to comment about 5-month-old Danielynn, the infant daughter of Anna Nicole Smith. This child's life began bu being born to a well-known sex-symbol. Just days after her birth, Dannielynn's half brother Danny, for whom she is named, died of a drug overdose in their mother's hospital room, leaving Smith in a deep depression.

To cheer herself up, she had a televised commitment ceremony on a yacht in the Bahamas with her boyfriend, attorney Howard K. Stern, who is named Danielynn's father on her birth certificate. However, smith's ex-boyfriend photographer Larry Birkhead is waging a legal challenge, saying he is the father.

Now, as a cause for Smith's sudden collapse and death in a Florida Hard Rock hotel is sought a third claim for paternity has appeared. Prince Frederick von Anhalt, 59, the husband of actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, 90, for some twenty years, said Friday that he had a decade-long affair with Anna Nicole Smith and may be her infant daughter's father.

All three men await DNA testing.

Meanwhile - where is little Daniella while all of this drama is going on? It seems Mommy went to NY leaving her infant in the care of in the Bahamas by the mother of Shane Gibson, the Bahamian immigration minister who is a close friend of Smith's.

Danielynn stands to inherit whatever Smith's case against her deceased husband's estate finally settles for.


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